Organic nutrition and sport

Energy and micro-nutritional needs are increased among athletes. Can traditional and industrial food cover these needs? Many athletes are turning to organic food. Promises kept by the bio Lifestyle for some, a real luxury for others, opinions remain divided on…

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5 Good eating habits for sports women

Any woman who actively or regularly trains ends up wondering if her diet meets her nutritional needs. Five of them are specific to women. Here they are. More iron to prevent anaemia It is possible for a woman to suffer…

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The sportsman’s diet

The sportsman’s diet or staple diet is nothing short of the balanced and varied diet that we should all adopt to maintain good health, fitness and improve our performance. A small review to achieve this simply and effortlessly… It is…

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How to balance your diet?

A balanced diet is the assurance of staying healthy and maintaining an appropriate weight. And really, it’s not complicated! It is enough to respect a few main principles. Apart from breast milk, no single food contains all the nutrients necessary…

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5 rules of a healthy and balanced diet

What if we finally make peace with the contents of our plate by learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of healthy eating? A balanced diet is not synonymous with restriction, quite the contrary! Let’s forget our prejudices and put aside…

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