The healthy diet looks good all year round!

Taking care of your skin goes through the plate! Vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids are essential to have a radiant glow 365 days a year. Here is a short guide to the essential ingredients of your beauty. To be beautiful,…

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Having a nicely drawn flat stomach is better, isn’t it?

Saying goodbye to your belly is not as difficult as you might think, the proof is that with a minimum of 15 minutes of targeted training and good food hygiene, you can firm up your belly within a few weeks!…

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Can a pregnant woman play sports?

When a woman is pregnant, the question of sport very often arises. Whether you are athletic or not, you think it would be good not to relax completely during the pregnancy period so as not to have too much physical…

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Running tip: the pleasure of running

Running is practiced by 8.5 million French people (20% of the population), whether to improve your physical condition, be in good health, lose weight or simply to feel good. Easy to practice, inexpensive, running is compatible with a busy schedule….

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All you need to know about fitness!

With more than 3 million practitioners, fitness is the most practiced sport in France. From the 1980s and their wild aerobics, to the disciplines mixing dance and martial arts of today, fitness has managed to stand out. Here you can…

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