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How to take advantage of the therapeutic virtues of natural stones ?

For many years, crystal therapy has been used to improve the well-being of individuals across the globe. It is a method that, when applied correctly, can bring about the holistic healing to the body. Today, natural stones are used in…

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Anaemia: What is it exactly?

Anaemia is a common condition described as a condition in which red blood cells no longer provide enough oxygen to the tissues. Its causes are multiple but it is most often the consequence of an iron deficiency. More than a…

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Stress: Causes, symptoms and anti-stress pieces of advice!

Stress is a set of physical and physiological reactions of the body to a particular situation, which is called stressful, and/or stress factors. It can concern everyone, most generally over a short period of time. However, a situation of chronic…

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What is obesity?

There is no reliable tool to assess a person’s body size, but a combination of different measures can be used to diagnose overweight or obesity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is characterized by “an abnormal or excessive…

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What is cholesterol?

“Cholesterol”… You must have heard that word before, or read it in a health magazine, on a website, in government recommendations… Here you can learn more about it. Cholesterol, a lipid like any other Lipids, known in common parlance as…

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Learn more about cancer What is cancer?

Did you know that cancer is not just one disease but more than 100 diseases? And depending on how you classify cancer, you could even say that there are more than 200 types. All types of cancer originate in our…

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5 natural ways to reduce high blood pressure

About 20 million French adults suffer from hypertension. Because it can have serious health consequences, it must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. But drugs are no longer essential. High blood pressure is no longer systematically associated with…

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Allergy: What is it exactly?

Allergy is an immune reaction to a certain substance, such as pollen, pet dander or certain foods. It is a disorder of the immune system that no longer tolerates substances that are harmless to the body: allergens. Causes of allergies…

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The National Health Service and the health system in England

The NHS – Great Britain’s public health service – was born in 1948, as a pillar of the Welfare State, set up by the post-war Labour government. It was during the Second World War that the national coalition government asked…

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