Energy and micro-nutritional needs are increased among athletes. Can traditional and industrial food cover these needs? Many athletes are turning to organic food.

Promises kept by the bio

Lifestyle for some, a real luxury for others, opinions remain divided on the interest of consuming organic products. Synonymous with healthy food, this natural agricultural production method, without the use of chemicals, has gone beyond the trend and become more democratic. Organic farming aims to develop farming and production methods that respect animals, the environment and consumers. This is why when you consume "organic", you actively participate in this process. Very concretely, by choosing organic eggs, you are promoting a type of production that preserves the hen's quality of life, fed with a healthy seed-based diet, raised in the open air, where antibiotic treatments are limited. On the other hand, when you buy "standard" battery eggs, the animal must survive in a space as small as an A4 sheet, without being born. In this case, promiscuity between animals requires the use of antibiotics that are found... on our plates. Thus choosing organic products is an opportunity for the consumer to regain power over the quality of his food and to give impact to his food choices. He stated that organic agriculture is above all an obligation of means of production but not of results. This means that you have the guarantee that your food has been produced under environmentally friendly conditions (for example, that synthetic chemicals are not used in the field) but organic does not commit to better nutritional quality. However, studies show that organic products are generally richer in minerals and antioxidants. In fact, adopting an organic diet means taking care of yourself and nature.

Organic on the podium!

All coaches will tell you, the athlete who wants to progress must understand performance in a global approach to health. A personalized and quality training is of course essential! But what will make the difference on your recovery, the first step of the podium or the last meters of your race, is your lifestyle. The latter includes healthy, adapted and rich nutrition from a micro-nutritional point of view, i.e. more concentrated in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. By philosophy, manufacturers of organic sports products such as Punch Power, a specialist in organic sports nutrition, generally offer healthier products by reducing the list of additives and using "complete" products with more fibre. But always analyse the labels of packaging. Indeed, the "organic" label is not necessarily synonymous with health... A biscuit, even an organic one, remains a biscuit!

What about organic food supplements?

A balanced diet should cover all our nutritional needs. This is all the more true with organic food. However, at certain periods in the athlete's life, in specific physical preparation, during the competitive season, during training or during convalescence of injury, it may be interesting to use food supplements as a cure for a specific physiological action. In this case, use supplements with the AB organic label. As they are concentrated in active ingredients, enjoy the best of nature, without pesticides and synthetic ingredients.