When a woman is pregnant, the question of sport very often arises. Whether you are athletic or not, you think it would be good not to relax completely during the pregnancy period so as not to have too much physical and nutritional work to do afterwards. We can be pregnant and not give up moving your body, it is even advisable nowadays, whether you are 1 month, 3 months or 6 months pregnant. I will explain to you the significant benefits of doing sport, where to do it, what exercises, etc.

Why play sports when you're pregnant?

When you are pregnant, with the weight of the belly, the weight of the baby, you tend to curl up. Straightening up, opening your rib cage, allows room for the baby, the mother-to-be to be in the right position, to have a straight back and to avoid as much pain as possible in the back. A belly that gets rounder day after day is a centre of gravity that changes and therefore new tensions to counterbalance this change. If you are not tonic/sportsman like before you become pregnant, you can always start appropriate sessions during your pregnancy.

4 exercises to do during your pregnancy

I will give you 4 exercises that I propose during coaching sessions. There are many others. Reinforcement of the abdominal strap (abs): On all fours, you stretch one of your arms in front of you, in the extension of your body, while keeping the position of your back. This allows you to feel the perineum and its contraction.

Exercise helps to sheath the belly

The yoga ball Sit on a yoga ball and gradually tilt your pelvis from front to back, and make circles more or less large according to your possibilities. Against blood circulation problems Lie on your back on your yoga mat and rest your legs on the yoga ball. This helps to solve some blood circulation problems. Strengthen your legs By placing a yoga ball between a wall and your back, you will simulate sitting on a chair then pushing on your heels to roll the ball under your back and up. Then go back down and continue like this.

Advantages of playing sports during pregnancy

The first advantage is psychological We know that women who remain physically active will feel better in their pregnancy; they will have less anxiety and less depression. 2nd advantage: fewer caesarean sections, etc. We do not know why, but we note that women who keep physically active:
  • Have fewer Caesarean sections
  • Have less forceps
  • Give birth better
  • Have a faster working time
3rd advantage: the baby Often babies react during or after the sessions. This accentuates the bond between mother and child.

So can a pregnant woman play sports?

Of course I do and it's even advisable! However, remember that not all women have the same pregnancy and some are forced to stay still, for example. There are therefore many positive messages to be conveyed by keeping physically active during pregnancy!