Running is practiced by 8.5 million French people (20% of the population), whether to improve your physical condition, be in good health, lose weight or simply to feel good. Easy to practice, inexpensive, running is compatible with a busy schedule.

How to choose your running shoes?

Some customers have told me that they choose their running shoes 2 sizes above... So no, you have to choose the right shoe for you. Before starting the race, the 1st stage is of course to be well equipped! In the shelves the choice is overwhelming! How to find your way around? Indeed, it is instinctively difficult to choose between a thick or thin sole, a notched or notched sole or a soft or firmer sole. Before choosing a shoe for your foot, you must know your foot.  If 95% of runners have a maximalist stride attack (stretched leg). The heel will then absorb 3 to 5 times the body weight. You need a pair of running shoes with a good cushioning in the heel. The heavier you are, the greater the cushioning should be. Price is not the most important parameter, a very expensive shoe is not necessarily an excellent shoe, it is especially important that the shoe is adapted to the characteristics of the runner. Don't choose cheap running shoes, choose quality, it's very important!

Should I run with toe shoes or a good sole?

It's a question that often comes up, do you need a good sole with a good cushioning or use the shoes that you see everywhere with your toes and that only offer a thin sole? Everything will depend on your morphology and your objective. If you are heavy: you need a good cushioning! In order to avoid the repercussions of the impact on your joints (knees, back...). It must be a stable damper, avoid spiral or spring damping. Is running in the gym on a carpet as effective as running outside? On the technical level (the gesture), it is also effective. Running on a carpet offers different advantages:
  • Regular stride
  • Flat floor
  • Carpet damping (impact)
The only disadvantage of running on a carpet: Ownership! That is, when you run on roads, uneven floors, force your feet to adapt to the terrain by sending information to your brain that will cause your muscles to contract. On a carpet, the repeated gesture without roughness will not allow to work on this proprioception.

Adaptation is therefore less

If you don't have any articulation problems, etc. I advise you to take advantage of the parks and forests to run outside. Best running accessories Having good running shoes, breathable clothing or clothing that keeps the body warm in winter is important, but to enhance your running sessions you can choose accessories such as a helmet, armband, etc.

Benefits of running on health

The health benefits of running are far from negligible:
  • Improve your physical condition
  • Boost your morale
  • Reduce the risk of developing certain diseases
Cholesterol running:  What is it? Indeed, running is excellent for lowering cholesterol levels. It is scientifically proven that any endurance activity lowers and stabilizes cholesterol levels and for diabetes, endurance activity lowers and stabilizes blood sugar levels. So, the medication intake can be lowered in the end.

Physical activity is good for the brain

All the adaptation mechanisms of the brain (in addition to endorphins) + the oxygen that reaches the brain more easily helps to "optimize" all connections in the body. The latest scientific studies clearly show that running is indeed excellent for the brain and for the body in general.

How to get back into sport?

Whether you are a beginner or not, sporty or not, you shouldn't get into running with your head down, but you should respect some basic rules, such as warm-up or hydration. Running in winter: It is understandable that in winter when it is cold, people are less likely to want to go outside. It's always a question of mind; you have to say to yourself "I go there to please myself". Running for pleasure brings real personal satisfaction.

How long does it take to have fun?

To eventually feel the pleasure and therefore the secretion of endorphins, you need to run for at least 45 minutes. The same goes for the benefits on the heart, etc., you must run at least 30 minutes.