Everyone wants to live healthier and longer. Quality of life is important to everyone and hence people want to retain their health as long as possible. When some people fall sick, they are reluctant to go to hospitals as most of these health centers are understaffed. Moreover, they may want better care than what the hospitals can offer. Health insurance policies have also made hospital stays shorter and shorter. Due to these reasons, healthcare is shifting from the hospitals to home health care services. However, home health care also has some disadvantages. Here are home healthcare services pros and cons.


Cost-effective: One of the main reasons why home health care has become popular is that it’s more cost-effective than staying in the hospital. The home healthcare professionals offer high quality services for patients who have been discharged from a hospital but still need some medical care throughout the their recovery period. More independence: Most people like home health care because it allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes. Patients are offered individualized medical care designed according their specific needs. With home care, there will be no need of placing your elderly loved ones in a nursing facility, which can really terrify them. Another advantage of home health services is maintaining independence. High Quality Care: With home care, the patient will get one-on-one care and attention, something he/she may not receive while admitted in a medical or nursing facility. In the medical facilities, one professional is usually in charge of 10 or even more residents. Allows Family Participation: Another reason why people choose home health care services is the support of family and friends. With home care, family members and friends can actively participate in the care of their loved ones on a day to day basis, and offering care in the patient’s own home environment provides more flexibility. It would be easier to come up with a daily schedule that works for all family members.


Inadequate Facilities and Expertise: Some home health care providers are not well trained and staffed. Some can just offer a few care services, such as bathing, dressing, cooking and housekeeping. However, medical services, such as administering drugs, may also be required as well. Inability to Deal with Emergencies: In most cases, home healthcare staffing is often available only during business hours. Therefore, emergency situations would have to be referred to the nearest emergency room care if a patient under a home health care setting needs “after-hours” aid or treatment. Emotional guilt: Although many people would like to be at home rather than in a hospital for long-term illnesses, most family members feel inadequate to effectively care for their loved ones in a home setting. Some are concerned about the risks of their loved one dying due to inadequate care. Vulnerability: Most Home Health Care Services providers are not accredited while some aides may not be trained, qualified and certified to offer health care. Therefore, ensure the agency is accredited and all aides are properly certified as most patients may be vulnerable to emotional and financial abuse under such situations.