Food supplements are the ideal allies to take care of your skin. Reduce acne, prevent skin aging, purify and moisturize the skin: dietary supplements are available for all skin types.

Have beautiful skin thanks to good nutrition

It cannot be repeated often enough: nutrition plays a crucial role in the beauty of the skin. First of all, it involves hydration. If you don't drink enough, your skin tends to get dry and your lips chapped. On the other hand, with good hydration, the skin's hydrolipid barrier is strengthened and the skin is healthier. The composition of your diet is also a point not to be overlooked. A diet that is too rich and oily will cause excess sebum, which will make the skin oily, whether it is the face, body or scalp. Like the rest of the body, the skin is healthier with a balanced diet: a good supply of vitamins and minerals will improve the appearance of your skin, with a healthy glow effect every day. If your skin develops deficiencies, it will be more exposed to external aggressions, such as cold, sun, or pollution. It will be weakened and become dull. In this perspective of caring for the skin "from the inside", food supplements are a great ally to have beautiful skin.

The best food supplements for beautiful skin

Food supplements are excellent beauty allies, provided that the dosage is respected, both in terms of dosage and duration of the cures. Finally, the benefits of food supplements will only be visible in addition to a balanced diet. Brewer's yeast Classic and effective, brewer's yeast is one of the most popular food supplements for women. Its benefits are numerous, since it strengthens nails, hair and skin, for a real glow. Brewer's yeast is an organic and natural material, composed of microscopic non-pathogenic fungi. Put like that, it may not be very appealing, but it's terribly effective in boosting the body! Evening primrose oil Evening primrose oil is an oil recovered by cold pressing of the small seeds of evening primrose, a plant native to North America. As a dietary supplement, evening primrose oil has various benefits thanks to its content of Omega 6 and vitamin E: it contributes to the beauty of the skin, and provides more comfort to women in the pre-menstrual period. Borage oil Borage oil is a precious oil widely used in the Middle East and Europe for its many virtues. Borage is a royal blue flower, whose seeds, petals and leaves are used to extract oil using the cold pressing process. Borage oil is used in cosmetics or phytotherapy.

The right actions to heal your skin

To have beautiful skin, adopting a beauty routine adapted to your needs, in addition to food supplements, is essential. Here are some good gestures to heal your skin on a daily basis. Impeccable hygiene Morning and evening, cleanse your skin with a mild foaming gel. In the morning, this helps to eliminate toxins and sebum released by the skin during the night. In the evening, a good cleaning will remove the remaining make-up. Because yes, to preserve the beauty of your skin, make-up removal is mandatory every night if you wear make-up! Cosmetics, make-up, pollution, dust, perspiration, and sebum are all elements that accumulate on the skin throughout the day. When you skip the evening toilet all these elements clog pores at night, causing redness, irritation, blackheads and pimples. Impeccable hygiene is therefore a key factor in maintaining healthy skin and combating premature skin ageing. Protect your skin Your skin is naturally protected by the epidermis' hydrolipidic film: it consists of water naturally present in the skin and a sebum barrier, which preserves this moisture within the epidermis. When the skin is exposed to difficult conditions, such as pollution, cold, UV rays, hydrolipidic film is not always enough. After your morning and evening cleansing, remember to systematically apply a moisturizer to nourish and protect your skin. In winter, when the skin is exposed to the cold, use a cream that is richer than your usual cream to compensate for the moisture that evaporates in winter. In summer, choose cosmetics with a UV filter: UV rays are one of the main causes of skin ageing. For those who like to tan, you can turn to solar food supplements, which prepare the skin for the sun, protect it from the aging effect of UV rays, and give it a radiant tan all summer long and several weeks later. Choosing the right cosmetics This may seem obvious, but it is essential to use skin care products adapted to your skin type. Dry skin will need rich care, combination to oily skin needs balancing care, mature skin needs anti-aging care. If you have fragile skin, turn to organic or carefully selected skin care products to avoid irritating your skin or risking an allergic reaction. Similarly, acneic skins will need care dedicated to problem skins, purifying and antibacterial, to avoid worsening acne attacks and keeping scars. The choice of the right cosmetics is as important as the choice of the right food supplements: they must meet your needs, correspond to your skin type, and not be contraindicated according to your state of health. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or para-pharmacy for information.