Once considered the weaker sex, women have now become a symbol of the struggle for freedom, equality and above all democracy. Emblematic figures such as Simone Veil have shown the way and have made great changes possible. Thus, like them, Maryam Rajavi has entrusted herself with the mission of opposing the regime of the current Islamic Republic of Iran. Visit maryam-rajavi.com/ and learn further more information about Mariem Rajavi and Iran politics.

A rich and eventful political career

Although she was only elected President of the Republic by the National Council of Iranian Resistance (CNRI) in 1993, Maryam Rajavi's political career began in 1970. During that year, she participated in the movement against the Shah's monarchy. This struggle, although successful, will have been useless because with the accession to power of the mullahs, the Iranian people have gone from one dictatorship to another. From 1989 to 1993, Maryam Rajavi was the Secretary General of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which has since been considered a terrorist group in most Western countries. 23 years after her presentation to the legislature, she became President-elect of the CNRI, a government currently in exile with a female majority. Rajavi has indeed redoubled her efforts to grant some key positions in the Women's Resistance. His commitment earned him the recognition and support of the international community. In 1994, this politician affirmed her determination to fight the tyranny of the mullahs, which she described as a misogynistic and inhuman regime.

Women in the struggle for equality and democracy

As can be seen, Maryam Rajavi has been at the heart of any democratic change in Iran. It actually has two objectives. First of all, it protests against the fundamentalism of the mullahs. It wants to bring to the world a new image of Islam, which is in reality a religion of peace, and send messages of tolerance. Moreover, since 2008 it has been running an international campaign to change the way the various actors see resistance. Since then, CINRI has no longer been considered a terrorist organization by the international community. In addition, Maryam Rajavi wants to represent all women oppressed by the instrumentalization of Islam. In one of her famous speeches, she said that women's role in the democratic struggle was essential. Mothers participate in the education of children. In this way, they lay the foundations for the Iran of tomorrow. Although this Iranian political figure is quite close to the international community, she is a true patriot who defends the interests of her country.